Visit Posada Park

Seeing Park La Posada for yourself goes a long way to see if living in Spain is for you, and there is no better way than strolling around the park and chatting to residents. On Park La Posada it will be a resident who will welcome visitors and show them around the park.

They are all part of a wonderful community we have in the park and having gone through the whole process of moving to Spain themselves they can answer lots of questions during a visit.

Fancy coming to Spain to see a park considered by most to be the best residential semi retirement park for yourself?


Make your own way to the park for the day. We supply full directions from where you are staying on holiday or living in Spain. You are met in reception by the resident who will be looking after you.

This way of visiting our park is ideal if you

A) Already live in Spain

B) Planning a holiday on the Costa del Sol that includes hiring a car.

Malaga airport is one of the cheapest places to hire a car from.

The beaches are not that far away but the lakes are a lot nicer and have man-made beaches.

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Take a Dedicated 4-day Visit to see the parks and area staying in Antequera.

We offer dedicated “park lifestyle visits” that will be 100% park life in Spain related. These visits are perfect for anyone who wants to experience the way of life and area which we call “real Spain”.

We help plan your visit from start to finish and you will learn a lot in a short space of time. The visit will also be a great short break where you can relax as well as see the park and area.

This is arranged through Costa Difference Spain Ltd and you can book everything using this link: Four-day visit

To start planning your visit simply search for the best low-cost flights. You will need to book flights to Malaga that allow for a three-night stay here in Spain.

If you require any help with the booking process please telephone 0800 772 3908 if in the UK or (0044) 117 318 2188 if in Spain. You can also use the contact form letting us know the dates you have in mind.

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Time to enjoy life? It starts with a brochure followed by a visit.

We love showing people around. If however, after your visit you decide that you like Spain, you are always welcome to return for a more detailed look. You can have as many visits as you wish. We have a lot to show you in a short space of time, and during the second visit is when most people take a good look at the homes that are for sale.


The nearest town to Park La Posada and we always recommend booking a hotel in the town and spending a few days soaking up the area around the park. We have Antequera itself, of course, El Torcal, Flamenco Lake, Iznajar lakes (with the man-made beach), and top of the world in Alameda.

To make it easy we have added links on the right-hand side for booking hotels and hire cars. If doing your own thing and coming on your own you can visit two or three times if you wish. There will always be a resident to welcome you.

The town of Antequera has everything a resident could ever want. A hypermarket for the big weekly shop. Alameda has supermarkets as well. It has a good shopping centre as well for things like clothes. Next up it has a very modern hospital, a bus station that has buses going all over Spain, and a train station.

As for bars and restaurants, the choice is limitless. There is also a Tapa’s route in the town itself. The other thing, of course, is that the town has a good selection of hotels. Be careful though as there are a lot on the outskirts of the town. The Hotel Castilla is a favourite as that is in the centre of town and has everything close.

Using Antequera as a starting point to explore further is also good. Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga are all within easy motorway reach. A good trip/holiday is starting at Antequera (having seen the park), onto Seville to stay a few days, then onto Cordoba for a few days. From there you can easily head for Granada to enjoy a few days there.

Finally, finish up in Malaga and then hand the car back when it is time to go home. In each location, you will easily find a hotel for less than 50€ a night for two people.